Sushi and Japanese cuisine Hatanaka

We are going to change the sushi culture.
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Sushi and Japanese cuisine Hatanaka

Authentic Japanese sushi restaurants are said to have very high entry levels because of its price and strict manners. A lot of people get scared about it. We are going to change it. There’s no rules at our place. Just sit back and enjoy what is in front of you.

‘Sushi and Japanese cuisine Hatanaka’ serves dishes made with ingredients picked especially here in Hokuriku region.
We use fresh seafood unlorded at the Kanazawa port and freshly-grown local vegetables for our dishes.

We have some kinds of sake and natural wine.

It’s only 3 minutes on foot from JR Kanazawa station. We renovated the Machiya building (old Japanese-style house) built in 1940s.

Counter seats: 10 persons
Table seats: 16 persons


Loved this place, the service was impeccable, I relished watching the chefs make the food with such care, sitting back and being surprised by whatever came next. The food was delicious and I appreciated the relaxed and joyful atmosphere. An overall delightful experience

Danielle-Ariel Caddell-Malenfant

We stumbled across this great restaurant when we were in Kanazawa. The food was delicious and was prepared by friendly chefs as we sat at the bar and watched on. We ordered the seasonal set menu which I highly recommend. The waitress (who spoke perfect English) told us about each dish which was a great experience.

Bell Caspersonn

A must visit shop to enjoy great sushi in Kanazawa. The dishes with fresh seafood and local vegetables were so amazing. The place is very near to Kanazawa station and the staffs can speak english very well and friendly.

Maw Min

This is the first review I have ever written…that tells you just how excited I am about this little known gem. We lived in Japan for 15 years a while back and this was one of most delightful and delicious food experiences we have ever had, anywhere.

My wife and I had just arrived in Kanazawa City, and I began searching online reviews for a local sushi restaurant. I perused several top 10 lists when I saw a single line for Hatanaka sushi. Clicking on it I read that it was a newly opened sushi shop and the head chef was a woman (pretty rare in Japan for sushi). Their motto was, “We are going to change the sushi culture.” I couldn’t find any reviews, but I just had a gut feeling that it would be good, so I called and made a reservation for two at the counter. The woman who took the reservation spoke English well.

We arrived to find a delightful, traditional wood exterior. Entering, we saw a warm, comfortable, simple interior, white walls, natural hewn beams, lovely shoji covered windows, with five tables and a counter that seats ten. The simplicity and warmth, with both modern and traditional touches seemed perfect for sushi.

We were directed to our seats by the delightful, smiling, hall manager, Aya Isogai, who spoke excellent English. Her smile and laughter were infectious. We delighted in talking with her throughout the evening.

As we sat down we were offered a menu in English. Head Chef Ayako Hatanaka stood behind the counter preparing sushi and sashimi. She also speaks English. We ordered sake, allowing sake sommelier, Shun Takemura, to choose the sake for us. Every sake he chose for us throughout the night was delicious. I especially enjoyed the “raw” sake. Shun is also the chef who prepares all the cooked dishes at Hatanaka.

Now to the food…it was outstanding…every dish…every perfect piece of sushi…every cooked dish…even the dessert offered to us at the end, a zabaglione/panna cotta…all delicious.

Chef Hatanaka has such attention to detail, each sushi calls to be photographed. A thin, translucent slice of hirame (a type of flounder) topped with a small oval of hirame liver…the glistening ama ebi (sweet shrimp) topped with a miniature cone of ama ebi roe. Chef uses aged red vinegar in the rice, which gives it a light tint and a deeper, more complex taste…the rice was a revelation.

We ordered al a carte, so I began with a sashimi platter, every slice so fresh, so perfect. Then, it was on to some of the most beautiful and delicious sushi I have ever eaten. I particularly loved the tachiuo (hairtail) and the kajiki (swordfish). Chef would be leaning over, focused totally on the next sushi, then, glancing up, she would smile, her face showing delight and joy towards her audience. She and her team truly love what they are doing.

My wife does not care for most raw fish so she ordered two dishes prepared by Chef Takemura. She absolutely loved both. The shrimp, corn, and asparagus tempura, chopped and all mixed together, was delicious and the grilled unagi (eel), recommended by Chef Hatanaka, was the best we have ever had!

As closing time was approaching I noticed Chef preparing a maki zushi (sushi roll) of ikura (salmon roe) and cucumber. I have never been a fan of ikura, but everything had been so tasty, on impulse I asked Chef if she would make me one. As I bit into my first piece my eyes widened, ikura, of this quality, was sooo good. Hatanaka made me an ikura convert.

Together, my wife and I enjoyed a full meal of sashimi, sushi, cooked dishes, and six different types of sake, the bill was $112 for both of us. This is an outstanding value in the world of top level sushi.

Hatanaka creates a jovial, fun atmosphere, with delicious food, that puts a smile on your face as you enjoy your dinner. Looking down the counter I couldn’t help but see that everyone was enjoying being there as much as I was.

Edward Worthington, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Edward WorthingtonBaltimore, Maryland, USA

More reviews available on Google and Tripadvisor.

Our team

Hatanaka is a sushi and Japanese cuisine restaurant, which opened its doors in April of 2019.

Hatanaka’s aim is to think not only of the success of the restaurant, but to create a special environment around the most important thing to us: people. This means striving to create an atmosphere of enjoyment for customers, managers, and staff alike.

Chef Ayako Hatanaka

Chef Ayako Hatanaka is originally from Tenkawa village in Nara prefecture.

At 29 years of age, she is a goofy character whose charm is a means of connecting the two things she loves most: food and people. After graduating from an arts program in university, Chef Hatanaka worked at a high-class Japanese cuisine restaurant in Kyoto, followed by a famous sushi restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.

She has now returned to advance her career as the head chef of Hatanaka in Kanazawa.


Online reservations

We accept reservations in 3 months ahead. Check it out from the link below.

Reservations by Phone

Prefer to make your reservation via phone in English? Give us a call!

You can contact us between 8am and 9pm every day.

Opening hours:

6pm – 11pm
Closed on Wednesdays.

About tables

Hatanaka is a small restaurant with 10 counter seats and 16 table seats.

  • Non-smoking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Electric outlet
  • Babies are welcome

Guests have the option of choosing tables or counter seats, which can be decided upon making your reservation.



Please refrain from using all kinds of perfumes.
We may refuse services to customers with perfumes.


4-21, Konohanamachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa

Take the East Exit (Kenrokuen Exit) at Kanazawa Station, and walk under the wooden arch.
Cross the junction on the right side and continue straight down on the main road.
Take your second left, and then your second right. The restaurant should be on your right.

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